Istanbul Photography Gallery

I spent a long sunny weekend strolling around Istanbul in the spring of last year. What an incredible, bustling, vibrant and colourful city! Istanbul is great for street photography, with bazaar’s that seem to meander for miles and mosques, churches, synagogues, palaces, castles and towers on every corner. A truly wonderful cultural and ethnic melting pot.

My lasting memory of the city is how accommodating the locals are with children. My boy, who was one and a half at the time, was greeted like a local celebrity. People would stop to take photo’s of him with their families, elders would touch his golden hair with their prayer beads ‘for luck’, and on a couple of occasions people even left their restaurant tables to pop to a shop and come back bearing gifts of chocolates and nougat. This wasn’t to keep him quiet either, I can assure you! Children are revered and considered a most precious gift, not just to the parents, family and friends, but to the community as a whole. As you can imagine, this adoration from strangers felt quite alien at first, but it was a beautiful experience and I wish I could have bottled some of it.

I hope you enjoy my Istanbul photography gallery below. To view in fullscreen mode, click on any of the pictures and use the direction buttons. If viewing on your mobile/Ipad, simply tap left or right to tab through the pictures.