Sri Lanka Travel Photography

Sri Lankan sunsets

In january 2014 we arrived in Sri Lanka for some rest and relaxation following our adventures and wedding celebrations in India. Sri Lanka reminded me of travelling to Thailand in the late 90’s, the people were incredibly friendly and the laid back way of life was just what we were looking for. Our rustic cabana on the picture perfect Mihiripenna Beach was just a few steps away from a natural sea pool, beautifully clear and shallow for swimming, with turquoise waves crashing over the natural sea wall beyond. We would hang out on the beach and while away the hours playing with crabs and teeny fish in the rock-pools, only coming back to the cabana to drink Thambili (King Coconut), or snack on huge devilled cashews. Every day I played in the sea with my family as the sky turned shades of red and then we’d hop on a tuk-tuk in search of tasty curries. It’s the simple things…..Memories I will never forget.

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