Radley Church & Steventon House

Radley Church & Steventon House Wedding Photography

A previous client introduced me to Adrienne and Joe. On our introductory meeting, we talked through their wedding day expectations and they told me how they first met. I always like to find out how people got together. Listening to their love story about how they met the ‘one’ gives me a great insight to the relationship and helps me understand who they are as a couple.

Adrienne and Joe were to be married just down the road from their family home at Radley Church. I talked to the vicar beforehand, because some vicars/churches have preferences to where you can shoot from during the service. She asked me to photograph from the rear of the church, so I took position on the varandah, which provided a great vantage point. I always find it best to shoot with two cameras, one Nikon D600 set up with a 24-70mm 2.8 VR wide angle and also a Nikon D800E with a 70-200mm 2.8 VR, this allows me to cover 99% of shots and also the time saved in changing lenses means that I get to capture the spontaneous moments and glances that otherwise would have been missed using a one camera set up.

After the lovely service we did the formal photographs outside in glorious sunshine, before heading to the Steventon House Hotel, Abingdon. There we were greeted with the colour and wonderful sound of a steel drum band and a refreshing assortment of drinks.

Once the wedding breakfast was over, we wandered out into the hotel grounds for some staged shots. Adrienne and Joe have a wonderful sense of humour and were open to some fun ideas for these shots. It is often these type of photographs that are most fondly looked back on in years to come. 🙂